As an Apostolic community, CLC (HK) is engaged in a variety of communal ministries, which we present below. Many individual members are engaged in other ministries on a personal basis.

Video of Our Ministries

Education Ministry

Since 1997, CLC (HK) has been engaged, on a communal level, in the education ministry through the sponsorship of Marymount Secondary School and Marymount Primary School. Certain individual members represent the Community through specific service areas, such as Supervisor, School Managers. Others are engaged in fostering the faith and spirituality of students, teachers, parents and alumnae. The whole community, in various ways, facilitates and supports all of them on accomplishing our mission in the schools according to our Philosophy of Education.

Our Mission in Education
To foster Catholic ethos in the schools in accordance with the spirit of the CLC, Ignatian spirituality as expressed in our philosophy of Education.


Philosophy of Education of CLC(HK)
According to our Catholic and cultural traditions, we aim at the greater development of each student in each of the following areas – moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual. Through care and concern for each individual person, we seek to form students,
1.Whose acquisition of knowledge and skills is joined to values;
2.Who will become reflective and will accept their strengths and weaknesses;
3.Who will come to the knowledge of God and put Christian values into practice;
4.Who are sensitive to the needs of others, especially the poor;
5.Who fulfil the role of serving others to build a just and compassionate society.

The achievement of the above relies on a spirit of community, co-operation, trust and respect among the supervisor, administrators, teaching staff, managers, students, parents and former students.

Our vision in education is to form young people to be persons with wisdom, care, love and compassion for others and with others.

Formation Ministry

The CLC takes seriously the formation of its members according to its General Principles and other documents, which specify that CLC is an Ignatian Lay Community and is both Apostolic and Prophetic.

Apart from this internal formation work, the CLC is engaged in the spiritual formation of others, particularly through its Leunis Institute.

Leunis Institute

ourMinistriesImage6r2In accordance with its vision Statement and Mission Statement, 2008, The Leunis Institute provides various different opportunities for CLC members and others to engage in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. Internally the Leunis Institute provides formation for lay guides of the Spiritual Exercises and other resource persons to ensure the proper fostering and continuation of its formation ministry and to ensure the well-being of the Community and its apostolic work.

Vision Statement
•To ignite the fire of Ignatian Spirituality in the world today through the promotion of ways to help others to centre their lives in Christ and to find God in all things in accordance with the apostolic dynamism of St Ignatius Loyola.

Mission Statement
•To form CLC members through deepening their understanding of Ignatian Spirituality and to help them live out this spirituality in their daily lives.
•To help the CLC (HK) foster and systematize all initiatives in the promotion of Ignatian Spirituality as a common ministry.
•To give the Spiritual Exercises to both CLC and non-CLC members.
•To form lay guides to give the Spiritual Exercises.
•To assist the formation of the communities of teachers, alumnae, parents and students of CLC Schools in the Ignatian way.
•To spread Ignatian Spirituality on the parish level through giving retreats and running formation programmes.

Ministry of the Word


Members engaged in The Ministry of the Word work with the Jesuits in the publication of the monthly prayer booklet SHALOM《和平》and translating and publishing spiritual books. Some recent translated works / publications include:-

  • 《與依納爵祈禱》(Guidelines for Prayer from the School of St. Ignatius by Ms. Bethy Oudot),
  • 《眾裏尋祂》(Finding God in All Things by Fr. Brian Grogan S.J.),
  • 《個人聖召》(The Personal Vocation by Fr. Herbert Alphonso S.J.)
  • 《分享基督的生命:在生活中體驗天主》(To Share in the Life of Christ – Experiencing God in Everyday Life by
    Fr. Laurence L. Gooley S.J.)
  • 《驀然回首:步武基督 — 生活中的依納爵靈修之旅》 by 基督生活團 ( 香港 )
  • 《踽踽獨行》(Alone and on Foot by Fr. Brian Grogan S.J.)
  • 《依納爵靈修》(Ignatian Spirituality by Fr. Jean-Claude Dhôtel S.J.)
  • 《天主洞悉歸鄉之路》(God Knows How to Come Back Home by Fr. Patrick O’Sullivan S.J.)
  • 《祈禱與關係》(Prayer and Relationships by Fr. Patrick O’Sullivan S.J.)
  • 《IGNATIAN SPIRITUALITY》 by Fr. Jean-Claude Dhôtel S.J.

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