The Three Dimensions of CLC

CLC is a community on mission, and desires to follow Jesus Christ more closely and to work with Him for the Building of the Kingdom. CLC is a vocation to a way of life which strives for continuing personal and social growth which is spiritual, human and apostolic. Thus CLC is also a process of growth through which members, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with the help of others, are formed so as to respond to the love of God freely.

We recognize that there are three integrated dimensions in CLC: Ignatian Spirituality, Apostolic Mission and Community of Life.

Ignatian Spirituality

The spirituality of CLC is centred on Christ and on participation in the Paschal Mystery. We hold the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius as the specific source and the characteristic instrument of our spirituality.

We are created to praise, reverence and serve God our Lord. The Spiritual Exercises as a tool help us to be discerning and reflective people capable of seeking and finding God’s will in all things. Our aim is not merely to serve God but to serve God better. We seek the greater glory of God.

Apostolic Mission

As Christians, we are called to be apostles and to bear witness to the Good News. In Ignatian Spirituality, Christ reveals Himself as “a man for others”. To follow Him is to put ourselves at the service of our brothers and sisters: a distinctively apostolic way of understanding the Kingdom of God. We are invited to live in an attitude of availability, ready to serve wherever and in whatever way God asks of us.

Community of Life

As Jesus called his apostles to work together, we are called to form a community. We gather together in smaller communities to share our aspirations and to support each other on our earthly pilgrimage. We recognize the importance of formation and provide formation programmes for our members in the form of retreats, workshops, etc.

CLC was born and is growing within the Church. We collaborate with other Church communities, especially the Society of Jesus with whom we share the same spirituality, in the promotion of the Kingdom of God.

The 5 Qualities of Members of CLC

We strive to develop the following five qualities drawn from the Spiritual Exercises:

We continually strive to deepen our relationship with Christ, and so our community life and all our interactions should be characterized by depth.
We reverence God our Lord especially by being open to the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Consequently we are to maintain an attitude of reverence for ourselves and for all our brothers and sisters as children of God.
Generosity is realized in a sense of availability and readiness to do what God asks of us.
We strive to be responsive to God in the present moment through a spirit of reflection.
In imitation of Mary, “a woman wrapped in silence”, we strive to maintain not only external silence but also silence of the heart so that we can listen to and internalize what God is speaking to us.

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