Sure Beats Selling Cardigans

Author: Patrick O’Sullivan SJ

The rather enigmatic title to this book was taken from a very real life-experience as the author explains on the first page. The subtitle of the book, Fostering our relationship with God, gives an indication of the very serious nature of its contents, whereas the whimsical title anticipates a certain lightness of style that is a characteristic of Fr. Patrick’s reflections on serious aspects of our faith. Can God laugh? God’s ministers can at least smile. Talking about religion and faith matters need not be over-solemn and unsmiling. Jesus himself on occasion had recourse to humourous turns of expression, when, for example, he spoke of a camel getting through the eye of a needle, did he smile or even chuckle? Of course, eventually scholars brought the weight of academic literalness to bear on Jesus’ words to explain them with “facts”. We would probably derive more spiritual insight from laughing at Jesus’ joke. In this and his many other books, Fr. Patrick skilfully uses a light-hearted manner to present us with serious thoughts in a light and delightful manner.

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